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The Following are questions that people have sent in for Blaze to answer. If you would like to ask blaze a question, E-Mail Blaze. He will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. If they are worthy, they will be posted..

Jeremy: Who trained you to wrestle?

Blaze: Mike Samples

W.T.: How long have you wrestled?

Blaze: I have been wrestling for almost 3 years.

Bryce: Who has been your toughest opponent?

Blaze: That's a tough one. I have been in the ring with a lot of very tough guys, but out of all of them, I would have to say Rex King (Timothy Well from the WWF) was the toughest. I fought him a few times and I always woke up the next morning feeling the affects.

Matt: Is the blood you guys use fake?

Blaze: FAKE?!?!?! Matt, I have been hit and busted open many times, and when I bleed, trust me, it is MY blood that you are seeing. I have NEVER seen any wrestler use fake blood!! Whenever we get busted open during a match, we have the cuts and blood stains to prove that it's not fake. Now quit wasting both of our time with dumb questions like that....

Sara: Are you and your partner Glacius related?

Blaze: First off, that worthless PRETTY BOY is my X-PARTNER, I dropped him like Jared from Subway dropped 245 lbs!!!! Now, unfortunately we are related. We are cousins, I helped get him into wrestling and now I am going to PUT HIM OUT!!!